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Artist Statement

Awareness is defined as knowledge or perception of a situation or fact. My body of work is based on the concept of awareness. I choose to create works of art that resemble beautiful, illustrated concepts with formal qualities often with a throwback to an underlying sinister, disturbing or sad message. Much of my work finds a foothold in nature, environmental issues, social issues and the feminine construct. My choice of subject matter allows me to explore versions of reality behind a shared awareness.

As an woman of mixed African and European heritage, I witness the cultural barriers faced by people like myself on a daily basis. As a farmers daughter with roots in the Midwest, I see the effects of corporate farming and big brand stores have on our rural economies. As a professional educator, I confronted the pre-wrapped education and the bureaucratic red tape that wrecks our school systems and brainwashes our generations of children. As a woman and feminist, living in the American Bible Belt, I am adverse to the place men have set for me. These situations are from where my knowledge of perception is drawn. This is the awareness from which I create.

In many ways, my artwork is still finding its place. Sometimes I feel like I have nailed it! Other times the realization I must push harder and formalize concepts is of primary importance. Regardless, I take heed in the works of great artists who confronted social issues with narrative imagery.